Personal Financial planning

As independent financial advisors, we have no parent company or product pressures driving our recommendations; we answer only to you. So you know you’re getting personalized guidance in all areas, including:

  • Accumulation, so your investments address your objectives and comfort level
  • Retirement planning, so you are well-positioned to pursue your dreams
  • Estate planning strategies, so you can pass on your assets to whom you choose
  • Risk management, seeks to minimize any threats to your personal or business assets
  • Taxation, aimed to minimize the tax burdens you face now and in the future
  • Investment strategies, to put a plan in place that is consistent with your business goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance
  • Identity Theft Plan, to protect you against the 5 types of Identity theft: Credit fraud, Social Security Fraud, Drivers License Fraud, Medical fraud, Criminal/Character fraud, Tax return fraud.

No matter what type of financial support you’re looking for, you can feel confident knowing that you’re working with a professional financial guide.

Financial Planning and Services | Obispo Wealth Management


Financial Planning and Services | Obispo Wealth Management

Business Solutions

Stay focused on your business, knowing that you have an experienced team to help you every step of the way with:

  • Cash & Reserve Investment Management: Aiming to put an investment plan in place that is consistent with your business goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance
  • Retirement Plans: Seeking to make sure that you have the appropriate retirement plan in place for your employees
  • Insurance Planning: For business owners and key executives of the firm
  • Identity Theft & Legal Protection:  We offer plans that can provided Identity theft protection and legal services to your employees.
  • Succession Planning: Developing a plan for leaving or selling the business.
  • Vendor due diligence: Seeking to conduct reviews, do benchmarking, and ensure that your retirement plan receives the best value from your vendors
  • Retirement Plan Participant services: Help your employees with investment guidance and education that should help them feel more confident about their retirement.
  • Risk management: We can help identify risks that may threaten your business assets.

Financial Planning and Services | Obispo Wealth Management

Investment Management

We will work with you based on your goals and risk tolerance to develop the proper investment plan. As an Independent advisor, we have access to a wide range of investments and services that allow us to recommend the most suitable investments for you on various platforms.

Investment Platforms

  • IRA’s
  • ROTH IRA’s
  • Trust Accounts
  • Individual/Joint Accounts
  • Cash Management Accounts
  • Insurance
  • Business Accounts
  • Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans
  • Lending Solutions
  • Direct Investments with Asset Managers


  • Mutual Funds
  • Stocks
  • Taxable & Tax-Free Bonds
  • Money Markets
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Annuities
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Managed Futures
  • Third Party Money Managers
  • Tax-Advantaged Investments
  • And Much More…